Newsletter #2: AI & Radiotherapy, our Webinar, and Latest Engagements

We commence this edition of the eBeam4therapy newsletter by retrospectively examining the research project’s inaugural webinar, held on 28th June. This online gathering offered participants an overview of the historical evolution and present advancements in research concerning the application of laser plasma accelerator technology as a dependable source of electrons at megavoltage energies. Furthermore, the webinar’s speakers introduced the research conducted at the Weizmann Institute of Science in this domain.

The newsletter proceeds to shine a spotlight on some recent research within the radiotherapy sphere as we explore how artificial intelligence is expected to impact the industry at large. Finally, we take a look into what the eBeam4Therapy consortium has been up to throughout the past couple of months.

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June 2023 was a particularly significant month for the project, with the consortium bringing together upwards of 30 industry stakeholders for the first-ever eBeam4Therapy webinar.

The webinar was hosted and addressed by three key members of the eBeam4Therapy team – Principal Investigator Victor Malka, Research Scientist & Project Manager Arnaud Courvoisier, and Technology-to-Market Transition Manager Gabriella Mifsud.

The speakers explored the evolution of laser plasma accelerator technology and its potential applications in oncologic radiotherapy, before opening the floor for questions. Webinar participants were allowed the space to interact with the speakers, explore the collaboration opportunities available, and share clinical and market feedback relating to the technology and its commercialisation.

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The past years have brought along an increased sense of awareness about the potentially revolutionary applications of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

Benefits of this technology are already being enjoyed by patients, medical professionals, and the industry at large; virtual assistants are ready to tend to patients’ queries 24/7, AI-assisted surgery techniques guarantee precision on the operating table, and medical students can experience life-like simulations of their future jobs, without putting anyone’s life at risk.

In view of the above, it was only a matter of time before this trailblazing technology infiltrated the radiotherapy sphere.

A recently published article penned by a group of researchers working in leading French institutions explores this very notion.

The authors acknowledge that successfully integrating artificial intelligence and radiotherapy can spur a paradigm shift within the latter industry, with AI making treatment automation and the provision of decision support easier than ever.

Having said that, it is the ethical implications that such a development would bring along that Lahmi et al. are interested in.

Check out the full article here.

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Medical Physics Seminar

EB4T Principal Investigator Prof. Dr. Victor Malka was invited to address the German Cancer Research Centre’s (DKFZ) weekly Medical Physics Seminar on 12th July 2023. His intervention was titled ‘Laser Plasma Accelerator for VHEE-RT: The eBeam4Therapy Project’.

The seminar took place in a hybrid environment, with attendees listening in on the presentation online, via Zoom, and in-person, at the DKFZ’s new research centre for imaging and radiation oncology (REZ).

VHEE23 at DESY, Hamburg

Research Scientist & Project Manager Dr. Arnaud Courvoisier participated in this year’s edition of the Very High Energy Electron conference – VHEE23 – at the DESY Centre in Hamburg.
The event saw Arnaud deliver a presentation which gave attendees a comprehensive look at the plan for eBeam4Therapy’s new experimental hall at the Weizmann Institute of Sciences. In his talk, Arnaud also highlighted the potential benefits offered by the application of laser plasma acceleration to generate highly energetic electrons for the treatment of deep-tissue tumours.

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